Lamb Bites

100% Natural Lamb Bites

100% Lamb! Gluten & Lacto-Free

Tasty, healthy, and particularly suitable for sensitive dogs with food allergies, be assured dogs will love our lamb bites!

Lamb bites are high in single protein and help provide the kind of energy that dogs need.

Puppies and senior dogs can equally enjoy these treats due to the softer consistency and texture of the product.

Completely natural, made from 100% lamb with no artificial additives, these are an excellent treat for dogs with lactose and gluten intolerance.

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  • 100 % Natural Lamb Bites
  • Tasty single-ingredient lamb bites
  • High quality lamb cut up into handy cubes
  • Aromatic and yummy treat for dogs
  • Rich source of high-quality protein
  • Full of vitamins and minerals including B-12.
  • Grain Free


Ingredients: 100% Lamb
Analytical Constituents: Raw Protein: 51.9%, Raw Fat: 36.8%, Raw Ash: 5.5%
Pack Size: 200g

All our products come from known and reputable sources. We only source products from the across the EU and whilst some of the origins of the product come from outside the EU, all processing is conducted under EU Rules and regulations. We do not supply any product from China, India or any country where quality and traceability could be an issue. In nearly all cases our food and treat products are made from human grade ingredients.

Feeding Guide

Treats should be used sparingly between mealtimes. If you plan to use treats regularly make sure to adjust how much you feed at mealtimes to avoid over-feeding your four-legged friend.

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