Paws Out & About – Blog #39

Woof humans!


Hope you're all ok out there.


We've had a funny couple of weeks with the hot weather and everything. We spent most of the day indoors with going for walks very early in the morning and late in the evening when it was much cooler. Found that under the trampoline is a great place to shelter from the sun, plus it created a nice breeze for us when the small human and human was jumping on it!


Instead of going to the cafe we had a picnic in the garden, but we got a little over-excited and dived onto the blanket and all the food went flying into the air!

Human now has everything on a table, for safety?!


So we supervised / assisted human as he weeded and cut back the trees, cleaned the kitchen floor, painted the bathroom and brushed the leaves, and listened to the small human read us stories. Human did say 'please move,' which I think means we were helping.


We’ve also been helping with the small human’s catering skills in the kitchen. Small human adds pet biscuits to flour, butter and milk which makes some sort of a cake! We help clear any bits that fall on the floor or flies through the air.


Did we tell you how much we love our small human?!

We're a team of mini misfits and we spend as much time as possible together. We go on adventures throughout the house and the garden, sometimes we sit on the bed together to listen to stories and sometimes we get fancy dress parties!


But we’re very sad at the moment because the small human's cat, Dotty Cat, has disappeared. She went out into the garden and hasn't come back home. Human has searched everywhere and our neighbours have been looking too. Her bedding is hanging on the washing line, and there are posters on our gate and on all the lampposts nearby. The strange thing is that Dotty Cat never went very far, human only needed to shake a bag of those small biscuits and we all came running into the kitchen within seconds.


We're out patrolling the garden all the time, sniffing everywhere to try and find her. Human and small human are very upset, and it makes us sad to see them like that. We miss the Dotty Cat and those biscuits.



Lola and Lili