Paws Out & About – Blog #38


Hope you're all ok!


As you see from my photo, we've been out and about more than usual. Human said we were getting a bit lazy and a bit more round, so decided longer regular walks were needed. We've been out in every weather from the howling coastal winds on Aberdesach, which got my ears in a vicious flap (photo included), to being bashed by giant hail in our garden. I’ve learned the hard way that the trampoline is not the best place to try and shelter under! We've supervised the human and got in the way of planting 5 large tubs of potatoes. We got in the way again when the human tried to water them with a watering can, and played a great game of grab the hosepipe. This really annoys the human as it always ends up with hosepipe flying about and everyone getting soaked.


Human baked some homemade bread out of those packets you add water to. We shared it so there were 12 bread roll shapes and added some Pero biscuits on top of 4 and some seeds on the others.  The kitchen had an amazing aroma and we were very excited!  Human came outside with a cup of tea and our special bread rolls on a plate. Lola scoffed one instantly. I grabbed mine, made a diva growl and ran with it towards the garage, only to be followed by 3 hens. Before human could turn around about 80 seagulls descended from next-doors’ roof (there were only 2 but I do like to exaggerate!). They swooped down, knocked the cup of tea to the floor and grabbed the 2 remaining bread rolls before making their escape. Lola went after them at Staffy speed as Human shouted something I can’t repeat here.


If you're wondering what happened to the special bread roll I had... well that cross-eyed, wonky head combed chicken Gloria took it.