Paws Out & About – Blog #37


Hope you're all well... we're so excited to be able to tell you that...

We finally got to visit one of our favourite dog friendly cafés again! It's called Buffers and it’s right next to Pwllheli Train station. We’re not the only ones who love coming here either, as it’s just been recommended as one of the top 40 dog friendly places in the UK in the Guardian newspaper.


It's been a long time coming, and we’d been looking forward to the day it was safe enough to sit outside near the platform.


So we visited twice last week. Yes, twice!!


Do you like our photo there?


We're not sure why the other humans were laughing and pointing towards us...


We love this little cafe and its water bowls, the attention from the owners and the free bowl of chopped up sausages. As usual the outside seating was clean and tidy with plenty of space for every human and their dog.


The large noisy dog on the next table had a 'woofachino'. Exactly! Whatever it was in that mini cup certainly stopped all barking and the dog in question then went to sleep looking very content under the table.


Human said Lili-McVitie needs more than a 'woofachino' to stop her constant machine gun yapping and decided to try and bake bread rolls with Pero dog biscuits as a topping once we got home.


Bread making didn’t go to plan, as the bread turned out to be very flat. Don't worry, it wasn't wasted as the chickens spent most of the afternoon pecking at it.