Paws Out & About – Blog #36


Lola-Magnolia here

I'm a bit upset... no very upset because I've made a hole in my outside tent bed. Human said it's because I dive at such a speed to get inside it. Even poor pink Henry Hoover (other Hoover's are available) gets stuck in the gap. Mr. Human has taken it into the shed to be fixed as he said he’d slept on something similar when he was in the army. Human thought a toddler trampoline might do the same, but as Mr. Human pointed out, I'd be straight into next-door’s hedge after one of my famous dives onto it. I could be stuck in the hedge for hours as I don't bark and couldn't alert human to let her know where I was.

I can't be upset for long because I'm super barking excited for my invitation for an afternoon meet and greet with North Wales Therapy Dogs. They are looking for new members to join their team visiting hospitals, NHS call centres etc.

I think i could tick all their wants:
Not bothered by loud noises (I live with the machine gun yapping McVitie)
Had all my vaccinations
Love a fuss
Not bothered with ear or paw touching

So watch this space!

Talking about being excited... have you seen the new Pero website? It's dogtastic... pawtastic... tailwaggingly great!