Paws Out & About – Blog #35

Pero dog blog

Hello humans

Heard our human say it’s not great out there at the moment and we won’t be able to visit our canine friends who live a car drive away from us for a while.

So we’ve been keeping ourselves busy as usual when the human is at home by a new game of running to the hedge at the bottom of the garden and barking once, this then sets off the miserable grey dog above us who has a surround sound bark which echos for ages.

Then there’s the little grumpy dog door next with a real deep scary bark. Otherwise, when Grandpa human is looking after us, we have a very lazy day napping, listening to classic FM, or barking at the cat sitting on our window sills.

He made us pasta with garden peas and broccoli plus a sprinkle of and Pero biscuits on top last week He said he forgot that humans had made it for his lunch obviously without the Pero topping. Don’t think he likes pasta very much as he said a few funny words about them.

We’ve been busy assisting in cleaning the outside of the greenhouse ready for the winter, planting lots and lots of daffodils, and putting more bird feeders out in the trees.

Neither myself of Lola-Magnolia like going out in the cold weather. Even though we have warm coats, it’s always nice to snuggle in our beds under our fleece blankets.

Human has also been making pear jam as sugar-free and natural as possible. The pear tree in our garden has produced an abundance of fruit this year (probably due to less pollution in the air from the lockdown). We tried a bit of the jam (or as Grandpa said boiled pear) and it was yummy.

Better go as our human has found a radio station that stops me barking, she said the monotone voice of the presenter sends me into silence…and sleep!