Paws Out and About #45

Hello Humans!

Firstly sorry that we've been a bit's been really busy here trying to supervise our human in the garden. She's only gone and started digging this long long path from on side of the top garden to another, then put these big stones and rocks into metal cages and put all the soil in this funny round thing and shook it until all the soil came out (put the soil into a wheelbarrow and the stone into the cages). There's also lots and lots of green things in pots everywhere.

Day 1 - She went and sprayed two long lines onto the grass with this paint thing, then started digging. We just lay in the sun and watched.

Day 2 - she couldn't move much and the digging was slower but lots of water and biscuits where eaten.

Day 3 - the digging speed improved, we still watched and sniffed the rocks. It's still ongoing, another path has joined it going up the garden. Chickens are having an amazing time scratching worms from the upturned grass turf. Small human sat under the tree watching a film on the little picture box thing she has with a picnic next to her (she shared her cheese with us), one of the miserable teenagers appeared one day to help then disappeared when his tribe of others with white trainers appeared (I do like them, funny humans, they grunt a lot have their hoods on their head but always stop to say hello to me and stroke my head).

We took a lot of plastic pot plants to the local plant nursery because the wash them and reuse them there for other plants, human said it better than putting them in the bin. I like going them, because I can wonder in and out of the plants and the owners have lot of rescue dogs who recognise my human because she always has rogue Pero training treats in her pockets! Woof for now because this garden supervision is a big project for us.