Paws Out and About #44

Hello... some good news humans. We're back on our Sunday morning litter picks! I've missed sitting in the front seat in my dog harness as human drives us to Llanberis, opens the window and lets me sniff the special air that Llanberis has.

I had such a warm welcome from the humans and even met a new dog friend called Casper (named after a Ghost as he’s white... but I thought ghosts were transparent?). We spent 2 hours walking up along a place called Glynrhonwy which looks down onto Llanberis village then back down into the village. Human filled a wheelie bin with plastic bottles, crisp packets, beer cans and discarded dog poo bags.

We arrived back on the high street to meet the others with our haul of rubbish. A human called Eric with his yellow van collected all the bags so the Council could collect from another location. He counted the bags, took a photo and said that I had been a great help.

Before we all set off, a nice human called Pat took our photo to put on their Facebook page... can you see me?