Paws Out and About #42

Paws out and about blog

Double's a bit cold on the paws these days. So we've been only stepping nose first out of the door in our fleecy coats. We're not daft dogs. We love laying about on our beanbag under of striped fleece blanket watching what's going on outside, the radio is always on to block out the noise of the howling coastal winds that we get here.

Human has been busy again making us delicious meals that include Pero bscuits in. If you remember last time, when a big batch was made, put in the freezer and someone ate one! Human thinks it was one of the miserable teenagers (as they are normally out of their room during the night time eating everything in the kitchen and leaving a mess behind of used plates and glasses). This time human prepares the night before then cooks it once she get home from work.

So we had 200g minced beef from the local butcher, half a cup of garden peas, half a cup of Pero biscuits with a dash of water and slowly cooked on a low heat until cooked.
Shared between me, Lili-McVitie and Doti the cat. Human was too slow to get a photo of us as we'd literally woolfed it down!