Paws Out and About #50


Sorry, we've been waiting to tell you our exciting news...On Christmas eve morning my human and me completed our first ever 5 km Park-run on the beach.

We have been trying to go for the last 2 weeks but it's been way too cold with sleet rain. We arrived to a crowd of humans dressed up in Christmas fancy dress and 3 other dogs. It was a 5 km park-run which basically meant 4 time up and down the beach from one end to the other and around the orange cones. The tide was coming in so we tried to dodge the waves and sea foam, the sand was soft and wet so we sometimes fell and occasional rain stopped human in her tracks as she couldn't see anything. We completed our brisk walk in 55 minutes 58 seconds to lots of cheers and clapping (we came last but we don't care)

Only another 52 park runs to go improve next Christmas' time, so we'll be moving a bit faster every Saturday morning to finally job all the 5 km. Like human said we've both gone a bit round recently so need to slim down sensibly with more exercise (which probably means we can stop for breakfast on the way home in the dog cafe. Humans says there are park-runs somewhere every week, you don't need to actually run, just turn up and complete it with or without your dog. The volunteers we met on the run, cheered everyone on, which was a very nice feeling for a staffy.

Woof Lola-Magnolia

* nThe photo you see if of Lola after the parkrun and before she fell asleep in the car.