Paws Out and About #48

Hope you're okay with this weather?

We haven't been out during day because we couldn't cope with the heat and hot pavements, so we've been out and about during the evening. No litter picking for us until September (hopefully with the weather not so hot!).

I have to tell you what happened to us on our last beach walk at our favourite beach. We got in the car and off we went to the beach. We walked all the way to the far end where the huge stone is. It's called 'Maen Dylan' (well someone has carved that on it and there's a information sign in the carpark about it too). Normally the tide is out so we walk to the furthest end of the beach then paddle a bit around this very large stone but this time the tide was coming in and the McVitie made a rush for the sea and started going out further and further around the rock. Human dropped the large plastic wrapping found stuck in the sand and
made a run into the sea. By the time our human got thigh high into the water , the McVitie looked like a wet hair piece floating in the sea. Lots of shouting from the human and whining from me. Finally the wave pushed a very wet dog towards our human to grab hold of. We sat on the beach for a bit to get out breath back but McVitie unfazed by the commotion she'd caused decided to roll her wet body into the sand.

Walking back to the car, soaking dragging a big piece of plastic to put in the bin and being followed by me (a very smiley staffy) and what looked like a piece of sand covered seaweed with eyes. As we passed the man sea fishing on the shoreline, he just shook his head and pointed to the sand covered dog

It took two baths to get all the sand out of her woolly fur. She's now on the waist lead at all times during beach walks.

Woof Lola-Magnolia