Paws Out and About #46

Hello Humans!

Hope you're all ok. As usual we have been busy, still supervising the human in her quest to get a NGS garden (apparently if you've got a really nice and interesting garden, you can let total strangers come and have a nosey and make them pay for it. All the money goes to charity.

Human did start this a while back but then she came home one day and found that Grandpa Human has strimmed everthing, and we mean everything as we watched him in shock. Human never forgave him and hid the strimmer in the car boot. Well a lot digging and planting has been going on in all weathers. Anyway enough about our garden...we have some very exciting news to share!!

We might be on the telebox again. We went litter-picking with Llanberis Tidy Village and humans with camera followed us, it definitely filmed our paws but hopefully you'll get to see us in body too! The filming humans took a photo with us. After filming we got a scoop's dog ice cream from the green building on Llanberis High Street.