Paws Out and About #43

Happy New Year Everyone!


What a month it has been from the weather to everything happening here. The big square machine that human puts food in and it comes out hot stopped working the week before that day the humans have lots of food. We as the pets (both canine and feline) were so disappointed as they had been telling us that she was going to make our favourite shepherd’s pie with peas, carrots and Pero biscuits in it.


After all the alternative meals the new cooking box thing arrived on a big lorry. Human opened all the windows then a while later 2 other humans arrived with this big box in the kitchen. I sat there watching them, and every now and again they would stop and give my head a stroke (well I was sat right next to them). They said I would make a great apprentice and delivery assistant, I'm not sure what they meant but I think it was good. The McVitie was misbehaving and being a right diva by barking at these humans. She got taken out by the human to play ball at the bottom of the garden to calm down and stop irritating the workmen.


Later that day our human made us the most amazing looking shepherd’s pie with mashed potatoes with grated cheese on top! All 7 of us were waiting patiently for the big white dish to cool down so human could scoop some into our bowls. But as human moved the dish from the cooking machine to the table, the dish fell onto the floor... Human screamed and we all looked on in shock as the floor and humans shoes where now covered in food.


We were shell-shocked for a second, but not for long as we ran towards the food and began to eat it. It must be the first time all 7 of us (2 dogs and 5 cats) have been in the kitchen at the same time without any noisy commotion. When I looked around human was sitting on the worktop with a large glass of what she said was a gin and tonic with tears running down her face. I looked at her, wagged my tail and did my best Staffy smile to tell her that everything was alright and that the food was lovely (even if it was all over the floor, her shoes and a bit all over the doors.


Do you like my photo? I was wearing my Christmas hat most of the time, even on walks! Two humans in similar hats stopped and asked for a photo with me. I think they called it a 'selfie'. They complimented my fur, saying how glossy it was. Human said it was because of the Pero biscuits they feed me. The tall human then took his hat off and said it was too late for him. He had no fur on his head, no wonder he wore a hat to keep his head warm (but it did look shiny like it had already been dog licked).... Woof