Paws Out and About #41

Woof! Lola-Magnolia here (Lili-Mcvitie is too busy barking at the Dwr Cymru workmen digging the road outside our gate).

Human has been preparing us for the fireworks with playing classic FM on the radio during the evenings. Last year the house above us had fireworks and the noise terrified us and our neighboring canine friends. So much that I was physically sick and refused to go out for my toilet trips. Human made me a home made tent in the kitchen with lots of blankets that I could hide under.

Hopefully this year next door won't have fireworks, if they do we hope they're the low noise versions ones.

Since hedgehogs are in our garden we're not allowed out on our after dark toilet breaks incase I bring in more hedgehogs into the house and let them roll about like footballs. Embarrassing we're taken out and followed by a torch around the garden and then escorted back into the house.

Out Dotty cat who went missing and found stuck under the kitchen cupboards has started to cat swipe Lili-McVitie every time she passed and more recently taking fur off her tail. This is going to be war and I'm keeping out of it because I know from first hand experience how sneaky cats can be. They distract you and eat all the pero biscuits in your bowl or jump out and scare you as you're pottering out minding your own business.

We've been having our pero mix meals again, remember when one of the miserable teenagers ate one of our meals (well one plastic tub disappeared from the freezer!). Human has made us a special drawer in the freezer marked very clearing with a big sticker 'PET FOOD'. Its full of our favourites canine friendly versions with a Pero biscuit twits added.... shepherds pie, pasta with pero biscuit sauce, chicken with cheesy mash and a dusting of crushed pero biscuits.

I really enjoy being on my beanbag covered with a blanket listening to the radio.

Keep safe