Paws Out and about #40

Lola-Magnolia here.

Hope you're all well. I'm so excited to tell you that I went with human on a Drone Search and Rescue day to help develop our skills to help find lost dogs. It was a long day with searches in various areas and getting instructions via a walkie-talkie from the drone team. I got to go along too, in case I could sniff out any clues about the lost dog’s whereabouts.

We learned a lot, including improving our map reading skills and how dogs can hide in various situations.

We've also been on the beach a lot during the evenings combined with a bit of litter picking.

I'm really embarrassed to say...we've all had fleas. Everyone has been washed, had the horrible flea drops on the back of our necks and been combed with the flea comb every night to double check.

In good news... we found our missing cat Dotty! She had got stuck under the kitchen units after the new fridge freezer arrived. She was there for nearly 4 days and it was human who heard a very small meow early one morning. She was very thirsty and had over groomed herself because of the stress and now hasn't got much fur left. Poor kitty. All the neighbours are very relieved because they’d all been out searching for her. One neighbour said he had cleared out his garage (which hasn't been done since he moved in 14 years ago!) to search more her.

I’ve also recently found my new favourite place to go... Bangor pier! With its dog friendly cafe kiosks, dog water bowls and benches to sit on to watch the waves and seagulls, it’s beautiful! It was a lovely walk and we stopped to sit, eat cake (me being the canine cake Hoover) and had lots of humans stop to admire my glossy coat - the Goodwash Company Woof Wash/Sebon Ci has been amazing, especially after my flea trouble.