Pure Venison Sausage

Pero's Venison Sausage are made from the finest venison meat, the sausages are dried slowly ensuring as much freshness is locked in to create a mouthwatering, tasty treat for your dog. They are an ideal treat for any size & age dog from puppies to senior, they can be offered whole or cut down into smaller sausage pieces. 

  • All natural, nothing but 100% Venison
  • Ideal for all dogs - Puppies to Senior
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Sourced from within the EU
  • 160g Pack Size


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  • 100% Natural Dried Venison Sausage
  • Grain Free
  • Gently dried to lock in freshness
  • Free from artificial additives and preservatives
  • Suitable for those with food intolerance



100% Dried Venison Sausage

Analytical Constituents

Protein: 50.0%, Fats: 22.0%, Ash: 8.8%, Fibre 3.0%


All our products come from known and reputable sources. We only source products from the across the EU and whilst some of the origins of the product come from outside the EU, all processing is conducted under EU Rules and regulations. We do not supply any product from China, India or any country where quality and traceability could be an issue. In nearly all cases our food and treat products are made from human grade ingredients.

Feeding Guide

Treats should be used sparingly between mealtimes. If you plan to use treats regularly make sure to adjust how much you feed at mealtimes to avoid over-feeding your four-legged friend.